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Mrs. Wilt has granted permission to post this recipe. Tis a very good one too! Reminds me of a Hot Pocket.



To make a stromboli, you need:
frozen bread loaf (you can find this with frozen biscuits, etc.)
meat (about 3-4 cups)
cheese (about 2 cups)
a tiny cup of water
First, prepare your bread dough. The glorious thing about frozen bread dough is that I can take a loaf, put it in a baggie, and let it sit from early morning (around 10:00 AM) until time to begin the recipe (45 min. before time to eat). It's great for grocery day!
An hour before eating, prepare your ingredients. For this stromboli, I used ham from our freezer and shredded cheddar cheese. I chopped the ham and let the cheese defrost (we freeze cheese as well). Then, it was time for the fun!

Lightly dust your surface with flour and plop out your thawed (and probably slightly risen) dough.

Next, slightly flour your rolling pin and roll the dough out into a rectangle. Take into consideration the length of the cookie sheet or bar pan you will be using to bake it. You don't want stromboli hanging off the end! :o) I really have to beat my bread dough into submission. Work it, girls! ;o)

Time for filling! Lay your fillings straight down the middle of your rectangle. I always put meat on the bottom and cheese on top. That's the way my MIL taught me, but I'm sure if you really want the cheese on the bottom, it's okay. ;o)

Time to fold it up. Take one of the long sides of dough and bring it to the middle of the stromboli. Fold the other long side of dough over and seal. A quick tip? If it won't seal, wet your index finger in a cup of water and "paint" under the edge. Then press down. It works like a charm!
Fold up the "ends" of your stromboli too, so that it looks like a burrito. Now comes the tricky part...

Position your cookie sheet or bar pan above or below your stromboli and flip it onto the pan. Make sure to flip it over, because if you don't, your stromboli will burst open, leaving a filling mess all over the place. Not pretty. :o( Make sure the "seam" is DOWN on the cookie sheet.
I always feel like a real Italian chef at this part...unless I can't get the 'boli to flip! Then, I hold my mouth just right and FINALLY I can. LOL

Sprinkle some extra cheese on top. It's time for the oven!
Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes and it's time for dinner. We usually serve these with a fruit salad or green salad. They are very filling, so I don't serve up heavy side dishes- they won't get eaten. :o)

Some great 'boli flavor combinations:
ham and cheese
chicken, broccoli, and parmesan cheese
beef and cheddar
taco meat and cheddar
bacon, scrambled eggs, and cheese
And the list goes on! Use what you like and it will be delicious! :o)

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Sounds delish! I can't wait to try it.

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