Monday, May 21, 2007

Offer: Woman's skirt Size 10 petite

Black skirt, white, light blue and lavender flowers with green stems, long, perfect condition.

The Modest Clothing Exchange

Information: The Modest Clothing Exchange Yahoo group was created as a way for those choosing to dress modestly to exchange clothing. Men’s, women’s, boys, girls and infant clothing may be exchanged. Members can post offers for clothing they have to exchange or post wish list or wanted lists of items needed. All replies to offers go to the original poster of the offer, not the entire group.
How it works:
1. You offer clothing to the group by sending a post. The subject should be Offer: what you’re offfering. For example, Offer: Woman’s Dress size 16
2. In the body of the email, include a link to a photo of the clothing. You can post on your personal website, blog or sites such as There is also space available on the Modest Clothing Exchange Yahoo group. Since some members are on dial up, DO NOT send photos in your email to the group as it bogs down their email! You will need to post a description of the item(s), including any damages or stains.
3. People email you if they want your item(s).
4. You choose whom the clothing goes to.5. You pay for shipping your clothing to the person.
Dos & Don’ts
1. Offer clothing only that is in good shape. When you post the offer, be sure and give a detailed description, including any damages or stains. 2. No money is to exchange hands. You are responsible for paying to ship your clothing to the person you choose to get them.
3. All items offered are to be free, do not post items that are for sale.If you're interested in joining, please visit or enter your email address in the box in the right had column.

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