Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yesterday I got some cool photos of birds at the bird feeder. Carolina Chickadees, young male Goldfinches, Tufted Titmice, a male Cardinal and a Dark-eyed Junco.(pictured above.)

While looking for a poem by Robert Browning I came upon this. :-D
Once upon a winter day

Once upon a winter day
Gray clouds passed swiftly across the sky
As shapely snowflakes fell steadily down,
Covering the land in a dazzling white
Leaving a winter calling card on the ground.

Once upon a winter day
The snow-edged creek silently wept
Near the shadows of the tall pine trees
Trimmed in a glittering white lace,
Creating an impressive display in the breeze.

Once upon a winter day
Branches drooped to the impassable road
Due to the weight of the snow.
Icicles hung from the dormant trees
In view of the shattered daylight glow.

Once upon a winter day
Nothing is heard but rubbing tree limbs
And a stray dog faintly barking,
The vibrant sound of a frightened deer,
A broken tree branch suddenly falling.

Once upon a winter day
The distant snow-covered hills
Loomed in the path of the gloomy sky,
Where the northerly wind briskly growled
As chickadees and juncos fluttered by.

Joseph T. Renaldi


mrsjames said...

The bird is a cutie. I like the poem thanks for sharing.

Love, Mama

Under Southern Skies said...

What a cute little bird! I really like your blog.

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