Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Christmas is a comin',

Yep, less than 2 months away. I've started thinking of my gift list. I think i'll give my aunts crocheted dishcloths. For my uncles and boy cousins....I have no clue.
For my nephew I think i'm gonna find some AMERICAN made tin toys. Or....I don't know. There are too many things i'd like to get him. ;-D

I'm in the process of crocheting a dishcloth and a scarf and knitting a dishcloth. Also, I am making a bunch of crocheted scrunchies for my girl cousins.

A few weeks ago, while I was cleaning my hot-spot, I saw I needed a pencil and pen holder. I took a votive candle holder and pried the candle out and glued strips of scrapbooking paper I bought. It's really cute! I'll show a picture later. Gotta resize it. Anyway, I thought something of the sorts would be a good Christmas present. :-D

Live Laugh Love,


Anonymous said...

Great ideas for the girls/ladies.

You're doing a great job on your hair bows. Kelly's looked so good in her hair.

Love ya~

Jessica said...

Hey girl! How have you been? Is your family doing good? What are you getting me for christmas???? Just kidding LOL! Yes, I'm glad to see you've sticked with your background! I am going to give you an award. I have been giving them out to my friends on Homeschool blogger, so I thought I'd give one to you. I'm giving you the Nice Matters award on my side bar. You can go and get it if you want to. :) Hope you family's doing well! Come over and leave me a comment!

sehrgut said...

I enjoyed stumbling across your weblog. It's encouraging to know that there are still girls like my sisters out there, since I'm still holding out for The One.

Cheers! and God bless!

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