Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Tips and stuff

Hey everyone. I hope y'all had a great Labor Day weekend. I know I did.

Today I washed my Blazer. Boyshowdy, was it in need of a good washing! Mama, yesterday, washed off the Avalanche with just a microfiber cloth and water and when Daddy came home he asked who had washed the truck. So I thought I would try the microfiber washing on my vehicle as it was very dirty. It hasn't been washed any this year. *shameface* Let me tell you, I don't think that Blazer has ever been that bright and shiny and clean as it is now. Maybe when it was in the showcase.

I was amazed. So, if you want to clean your vehicle and you haven't got much time, you can use a microfiber cloth and wipe your vehicle clean as if you used a bucket of soap and water.

Also, I want to tell y'all about this nice dish soap. It's called Crystal White. It was about $1.79 for a 40 ounce bottle. My family uses Dawn. Well, did use Dawn. Dawn has changed their formula or something and it stinks. Plus it wasn't cutting grease as good as it said it does. My mama has read about Crystal White from different blogs and decided to try it. Wow. Not only does it smell good but it cleans good too! One of our pans had grease(or whatever you call it) spots on it. With help from a scrubber, it came off!(course it need a bit of coaxing as it was up there pretty good) I'll post before and after pictures later. :-)

Here are some tips I have found interesting. All these have come from a book called "How to Run Your House without it running you"

  • Here is a trick to use when the house is a mess and you hear visitors coming up the driveway. Run and put the vaccum cleaner in the middle of the floor as though you were just beginning to clean. Then you can relax and enjoy the visitor.

  • For daily pickups, carry a large paper bag with you. Into it, empty ashtrays and wastebaskets. It saves trips back and forth to the trash can.

  • Remove lint and dust from beneath the refrigerator or any very narrow place with a "dust mop" made from a yardstick that has an old nylon stocking over it.

  • When the liquid in a spray bottle of window cleaner gets low, cut a piece from a drinking straw and use it as an extension on the sprayer tube. It works fine- lets you use the last bit of cleaner in the bottle.

  • Use kitchen tongs to grasp the dishcloth when you clean the inside of tall jars.


MrsB said...

Where did Mama get the dish soap from? And why didn't I get a bottle? :-)

Jessica said...

Hey Jami!Don't worry about the skirt! I'm not in a hurry to have it, I have two other skirts! I hope you are still doing ok. I'm not sure why there was a problem with my blogger! I hope you don't have problems with it now! :) Yes, my mom does have a blog. She is on my links her blog title is Meek & Quiet Spirit. It looks just like I put it on here. You can go and thank her there. I hope you can continue to come to both my blogs! :)

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